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Francesca Burattelli - “Una Voce Poco Fa – The Language of Singing” BOOK

60 DKK
Udgivet af Insula Ecola i samarbejde med KLD repro. 

Insula École publishing 
Una Voce Poco Fa, The Language Of Singing
by Francesca Burattelli

About the performativity of the voice and the way language is perceived, when sung.
Our understanding of language is altered in the transition from speech to song. From the presumption that the melodic quality of the singing voice and its sentimental appeal can overshadow the textual value, different problematics are evaluated in this publication written by Francesca Burattelli and published by Insula École.
Exploring the different phenomenas of the singing voice, from the mythic singing of the sirens to Elvis, from Vedic chanting to Aphasia. The voice, regardless of its gender, possesses a performative body. But how is it possible to remove the ego from the voice, and leave space for the textual experience without connotations to the body, while still maintaining the melodic element?

This is the first publication from Insula École, a collaboration between Insula Music and KLD Repro.