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Laser Nun - S/t Cassette

40 DKK
Guitar: Lars Bech Pilgård
Trommer/feedback: Anders Vestergaard 

Byron Coley the wire: 
“Wonderful bent debut by Danish drums/guitar duo. Careening along the knife edge between free rock and free jazz, the improvisation is aggressive and inventive in equal measures. The sound moves through various moods, from pure squall feedback and cluck to rumbling halos of distended almost-beauty.”

Eyal Hareuveni :

"If Television Pickup challenges modern jazz aficionados snobbism in elegant, tempting manner, the  Copenhagen-based duo Laser Nun invites these snobs to a take-no-prisoners street fight. Guitarist Lars Bech Pilgaard, known from the free-noise-improv group Svin, and drummer Anders Vestergaard, who plays in like-minded trio Yes Deer, but also plays with more jazz-oriented musicians as pianist Jacob Anderskov (on his recent trio album, Kinetics (The Path) [Habitable Exomusics Volume], Ilk Music. 2015)

The duo itself testifies about its music: “ear-piercing feedback performed with a mix of omni-religious transcendence and laser-like stupidity”. True to its mission. the duo debut is released in a limited-edition cassette. The two sides, titled “A” and “B”, offer a highly inventive and quite varied torrent of noisy feedbacks, intensified by manic, massive drumming, and surprising by the powerful rhythmic drive of “B”. Both Pilgaard and Vestergaard keep pushing to the utmost climatic extremes and then some more, creating intense, ear-piercing textures of nuanced noises. "