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Yes Deer ‎– Get your glitter jacket LP

120 DKK
”Get Your Glitter Jacket” is Yes Deer’s second album, following their 2014 debut “The Talk of Tennis”. The multi-Scandinavian constellation was formed in 2011 by Norwegian guitarist Karl Bjorå, Denmark-born but Sweden-based saxophone player Signe Dahlgreen and Danish drummer Anders Vestergaard. They describe their undertaking as “a massive cacophony of writhing textures, manic hammering and distorted screeching, or as the sound of enthusiastic despair.” The affinity with free jazz reveals itself through the apparent chaos and the instrumental setup, but however esoteric the genre-label may sound this also designates a category broad enough to encompass the members’ much wider range of influences. In fact, Yes Deer’s music cannot be described using narrowly defined descriptions.

Ultimately a sonic extension of the player’s breath, Dahlgreen’s saxophone is highly emotional often bordering on hysterical. It also marks the group’s closest link to jazz with the musician having found inspiration in the giants of its more experimental tendencies, though also partly in electronic noise music. Vestergaard’s drum playing is stylistically tied as much to rock and metal as to jazz – thunderous, manic, and decisively relying on fills. Farthest from jazz though is Bjorå’s dissonant and heavily distorted guitar recalling post-punk and metal subgenres such as the violent death metal or the complex mathcore. As said, what ultimately links Yes Deer to the free jazz-trajectory is a sense of mayhem predominantly existing at the formal level.

The process of creation is based purely on improvisation whether live or on record – typically altogether uninhibited but at maximum guided by pursuing a certain structure or texture. Essentially what defines the improvised pieces is the intense interaction between the three musicians, turning various pieces into organisms of their own, manifestations of the participants’ energy and synergy at the time of creation. The performers describe their work-process as merging “physical and intellectual rituals” which emphasizes the group’s existing relations. The statement also outlines that the process (using mind and body equally) entails anticipating the actions of one another and responding to the acts of the others, as well as to the consequences of one’s own actions.

Although Yes Deer’s improvisations require the members’ utmost attention of the project’s setup, their habituation nonetheless manages to be highly extroverted for the audience as well, never getting lost in excluding inward-gazing long-form. On record, performance titles are marked by immediacy and are frequently humorous, the point being to engage the audience in the physicality. Often names are chosen in response to sound qualities, such as on the black metal recalling “Frikirke” (meaning: “Free Church”) where the saxophone occupies the role of a gospel-preacher over an organ-like guitar backbone. The album title, “Get Your Glitter Jacket”, is simultaneously witty and sexual in its commandment. The instruction adds lighter dimensions to the dense album, reflected in Birk Horst’s artwork which works as a snapshot of the process of crafting a homemade equivalent to a glitter jacket using red velvet and the clear blue sky.

Released with: Gaffer records, BeCoq and  Insula